Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

African Elections

Before, during and after


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directing traffic to Hospital Entrance

They are not just a COVID-19 task force of police, city council, doctors, nurses and support staff. They are our frontline warriors, fighting to save us in a battle against the invisible and ruthless enemy, COVID19

LETS GIVE – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizers, water, tinned food & keep the Frontline Safe!




Call or whatsapp – +263 772 333 267 or +263 774 819 548

Fazila Sherdad Khan Mahomed

Journalist at African Elections
A dedicated professional with over two decades of international experience in production, reporting, programme coordination and media consulting. Though institutes like Press TV and Voice of America she has done work in Somalia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United States, Dubai, India, Pakistan, just to name a few.
Fazila Sherdad Khan Mahomed

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