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African Elections

Before, during and after


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The Zimbabwe Cares Network Clothing Drive.
Currently stock is low as everything went to cyclone relief in March. Your continued donations keep it going 💕 this is how it works:
Any clothes, shoes or other items offered to the network are kindly collected or delivered to Catherine and are sorted. Any organisation or cause in the ZCN (Almost 90 registered community organisations and projects) that needs clothes and shoes calls on her to select what they need eg old age homes take mature clothing, baby organisations take baby clothes etc. 
Thank you Cath for this amazing service for the organisations of the Zimbabwe Cares Network ♡

Fazila Sherdad Khan Mahomed

Journalist at African Elections
A dedicated professional with over two decades of international experience in production, reporting, programme coordination and media consulting. Though institutes like Press TV and Voice of America she has done work in Somalia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United States, Dubai, India, Pakistan, just to name a few.
Fazila Sherdad Khan Mahomed

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